Thursday, November 19, 2009

Membership Committee REPORT Summary 11-19-09

1. Thank you Jill Grant for reaching out to Main Street in your newsletter. We look forward to more members as a result of this publicity! Thank you to Gwen Strane for sharing ideas that will promote more members to the center. Travel tours from the Center - LOVE THIS.

2. Thank you for your dues! We are so close to 100% board participation. This helps when Faith write for grants and funding.

3. Now that we have our center mission, vision and values updated - at our next membership meeting Thursday - December 3rd we will be nailing down our goals for the year and determine how to achieve these within our budget. In our next task we will rework the benefits of the membership categories and create a new Center brochure.

4. We met on Nov. 10th - we have a little presentation to let you know what is in the works!

November 15, 2009 Pics from the Concert Ballet

Thanks Rebecca for arranging the Concert Ballet at our center! November 15, 2009 - check out the future ballerina!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Thank you Carolyn Peart, Faith Boyle, Paul Franklin, Nettie Ardler and Barbara Keeton for leading our Center in enlightening discussion. Curtis Shifflet did a great job and organized thoughts and here is what the committee came up with... A FINAL BOARD VOTE AWAITS!!!

Vision: We envision Hanover as a dynamic, inclusive community, celebrating cultural enrichment

Mission: We strive to be a vital center of enrichment for all, through cultural, educational, and community events.

Values: community focused; responsive; accountable; flexible; supportive; inclusive; creative

I posted this blog because I had to leave the meeting early. Thanks Carolyn for sending me an email this morning to share the outcome- love the positive energy I felt from newcomers to the Board and of course our veterans!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2nd Membership Meeting Attendees 11-10-09


Tammy R.
Mary Kay

Thanks to all who called in or emailed and gladly offered to help! You'll be getting your tasks SOOOOOOON!

Thanks Tammy for the yummy cookies. They are gone now and Brent, Maggie and Julia say thank you as well!!!

- Love the Membership Committee!!! MORE details to come on what was accomplished. I feel very lucky to be the membership committee chair of these great people. Thanks for keeping me centered! I needed it tonight - with very little night's sleep on Monday- you all are the BEST!!!